ARME DE L’AMOUR is the creation of Ivana Berendika, who launched the collection in 2013. After leaving her native Serbia to pursue a decade-long career in modeling, Ivana set down roots in the United States and enrolled at Parsons in New York City. While studying fashion and interior design at the legendary school, she first encountered metalworking, and was immediately captivated by its potential. Since then Ivana has explored jewelry’s ability to evoke the movement of textiles and command space at the same time.

ARME DE L’AMOUR has been featured in international publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, and the collection is a trusted go-to for celebrities including Rihanna, Kate Moss, and Naomi Watts. Select pieces are available at Net-a-Porter, Fivestory, and Bergdorf Goodman.


Emilie Flöge (1874–1952) was the lifelong partner of early modernist artist Gustav Klimt. Historians believe that Klimt’s legendary artwork The Kiss depicts the couple, and that the painter’s dying words were “Get Emilie.”

Yet Flöge’s impact reaches far beyond companionship, and her accomplishments did not depend on Klimt. A decorated fashion designer and couturier, Flöge played a crucial role in the Vienna Secession and Wiener Werkstätte movements. Her dresses and suits freed women from corsets and restricted bodices in favor of flowing and architectural forms, which were often decorated in bold graphics or Hungarian and Slavic embroidery patterns. Flöge was the predecessor of Coco Chanel and a pioneer of 20th-century culture and feminism.

While the inspirations for ARME DE L’AMOUR are many—from vernacular buildings and tropical vegetation to global craft traditions—Ivana Berendika and her creative team sees them all through the eyes of Emilie Flöge. The unsung hero’s aesthetic vocabulary, social philosophy, and personal empowerment guide our hand.


Unconditional love is the weapon by which we can vanquish all foes. Love that knows no boundaries, no caveats, is the only path to peace. And this love starts with oneself. ARME DE L’AMOUR believes in your beauty, your vision, and your strength.


ARME DE L’AMOUR operates from a sunny atelier in Miami Beach, where Ivana and her creative team sketch the city’s famous Art Deco skyline, experiment with new material combinations, and assemble endless mood boards. We prototype our designs using three-dimensional printing before sending them to master jewelers, in a marriage of time-honored and digital-era practices that instills each piece with enduring personality.

Ivana Berendika